Janitorial Service Features

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In no specific order. These are perhaps some of the features of today’s professional janitorial services in Sacramento. To begin. Janitors are by nature and profession clean men and women. Yes, that is quite correct, women can be janitors too, although in many areas, they are probably given alternative job titles. But most of the list of duties that they attend to are pretty much the same as that of their male peers.

Perhaps the most obvious example to be giving at this time, in an era and spirit of gender equality is that of the public restroom. It goes without saying then that a gentleman janitor has no business attending to the cleaning and sanitizing of the women’s only restrooms. And of course, lady janitors can relate to the woman’s personal needs within the confined space of her cubicle. Cleaning and sanitizing work is thus a primary feature of today’s janitorial work.

But there are others of work for the men and women of this noble profession. It is noble because really, who would wish to spend an entire shift attending to strange men and women’s ablutionary requirements. No need to elaborate any further. So as we were saying; janitors will be responsible for overseeing the maintenance of the building, floors or rooms under their jurisdiction. The maintenance work, however, is usually light.

But as far as more intense, heavy duty work is concerned, the janitor will be liaising with specialist tradesmen and artisans for the scheduling of their work rosters. The janitors will of course be checking on behalf of their employers to see that the work has been completed satisfactorily. Head or senior janitors are usually assigned supervisory roles in which case they will be overseeing a small staff complement.